Payroll Calculator Tips

Did you know that?

you can press the "C" key on your keyboard to display the PayCalc calculator while a dollar or rate field has focus. This is not the Windows calculator, but a built in calculator that sets up a line of communication with the data entry field via the calculator's Get and Put command buttons.

As you might expect, the Get button gets the number from the data entry field into the calculator display, while the Put button puts the number in the calculator display into the data entry field. This pop-up calculator allows you to perform calculations on any dollar or rate field from within the program.

Did you also know that?

pressing the same "C" key on your keyboard will display the PayCalc calendar while a date field has focus. This calendar allows you to go forward or backward one month at a time, and to select and paste a date into a date field.

Speaking of date fields, did you know about the following date field keyboard shortcuts:

Dates Key
Next day + (plus key)
Previous day - (minus key)
Today T
First day of the Week W
Last day of the weeK K
First day of the Month M
Last day of the montH H
First day of the Year Y
Last day of the yeaR R

Are you processing After the Fact (ATF) Payroll?

then you should check out the ATF Payroll file which is a sample file included with the program. The ATF Payroll file is a fictitious company by the name of John and Mary's Deli. In creating this sample company, the following assumptions have been made:

  1. The company is a small corporation with 2 employees, John Doe and Mary Doe, his wife.

  2. John is paid a salary of $600.00 per week, while Mary is paid an hourly rate.

  3. The company prepares and provides their accountant with a quarterly spread sheet detailing John and Mary's wages, salaries, deductions, and net pay.

    NOTE: Even though the client may provide a quarterly spread sheet with their payroll totals, it's best to break down the payroll data by the month so that Form 941 calculates and displays the correct monthly payroll tax liability.

Open the ATF Payroll file and study the manner in which some of the pertinent fields have been set up. Particularly, In the Employee File Maintenance under the Processing Information, $100.0000 has been entered in the Hourly or Daily Rate field. This rate will allow you to produce any monthly amount when the ATF payroll is processed.

When manually processing the payroll, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the Regular Hours/Days field is active.

  2. Press the "C" key on your keyboard to display the calculator.

  3. (i) Enter the gross pay to be computed; (ii) divide it by 100; and (iii) press the "P" key on your keyboard to put the result into the field.

  4. Click on the Process command to process the payroll.

  5. Adjust the calculated deductions to the amounts furnished by the client. This will usually be the federal and state withholding only.

  6. Click on the Calculate command to reflect the manual changes made to the payroll.

    Repeat steps 1 through 6 above for each ATF employee.

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