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All of the programs are downloaded as a demo. They will perform exactly as the registered version, except for certain limitations. Upon your purchase of any downloaded program, you will be provided with a User Name and Registration Number to remove any limitations associated with the demo.

   Payroll Calculator (PayCalc) (current version 2024.05 (64-bit))

   Financial Statement Generator (FSG) (current version 6.00)

   Toolbox 1099 (TB1099) (current version 2024.00 (64-bit))

   Toolbox W-2 (TBW2) (current version 2024.00 (64-bit))

   Depreciation Calculator (DeprCalc) (current version 2024.00 (64-bit))

   NoteBook Text Editor (current version 2.50)

   Previous Years Software

Download Instructions

  1. Click on the icon of program you wish to download.
  2. When the File Download dialog box appears, click on Save.
  3. When the Save As dialog box appears, select the Desktop or the folder where you normally save your downloaded files.
  4. Once the download process has completed, double click the file you just downloaded to execute the program's installation process.

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