PayCalc Developments and Fixes

The following is a list of all PayCalc 2019 releases as well
as the problems that were fixed and the features that
were added or modified in each release.

2019.00 - 12/17/2018

  • Initial Release

2019.01 - 02/14/2019

  • Added. Support for printing and filing Forms 941 and 941-V for 2019.

2019.02 - 09/11/2019

  • Modified. The Payroll Register report now prints in landscape mode to display all taxes withheld from the employees' pay check (similar to the payroll journal reports).

  • Added. Support for printing and filing Forms W-2 and W-3.

  • Fixed. A possible "Floating Point Invalid Operation" error when printing "Prior Earnings Statements" and "Individual Employee Reports".

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