Payroll Calculator (PayCalc)
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The following is a list of all PayCalc 2022 releases as well
as any problems that were fixed and any features that
were added or modified in each release.

2022.00 — 12/20/2021 (Initial Release)

  • 64-bit Version. Since the release of Windows 11 which is only available in 64-bit and the fact that most users are running on a 64-bit platform; PayCalc is being released in 64-bit version only for 2022 and beyond. Support for PayCalc 32-bit has been discontinued.

  • Modified. The Print Preview Screen now provides a modern preview using captions on the command buttons instead of the non intuitive icons. Also, pop-up menu support has been added to access any event on the command buttons.

  • Added. Data entry field for employee middle initial within the Employee File Maintenance.

2022.01 — 01/10/2022

  • Added. Form W-4 for 2022.

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