NoteBook Text Editor

The Perfect Notepad replacement. NoteBook makes it easy and efficient to edit small or large text files by providing the following editing tools:

  • Text Editing Tools. Undo changes, Cut text, Copy text, Paste text, Delete and Select All.

  • Search/Replace. Find text, Find Next and Replace text.

  • Other Tools. Spell Checking, Thesaurus and Word Count.

  • Printer Setup. You can setup printer properties from within the program.

  • Editor Options. You can setup the editor color scheme, the editor font and size, the ability to print page number on your document and document name.

What's new in Version 2.50

A new and improved print preview screen with the ability to export documents to Adobe Portable Document Fomat (PDF) and Web document (HTML).

Price: FREE!

To download your copy click here

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