Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Version 6.00

FSG is a user-friendly program that assists accountants in generating financial statements in a flash! Even if you prepare financial statements using a word processor, you must still setup margins, tabs, underlining, and double underlining.

FSG eliminates all these page formatting chores by automatically setting up the page for you. Dollar signs appear where they are required, columns setup is automatic, underlining and double underling are printed on the correct locations on the page. All you have to do is complete a screen representation of the financial statements.

The data entry screens are intuitive, follow a logical data entry flow, and all dollar amounts are automatically calculated. The Notes to Financial Statements and the Accountant's Client Letter include such features as cut, copy, paste, find, find next, search and replace, a spell checker, a thesaurus and word count.

What's New in Version 6.00:

Compatability with SSARS 21. The program is now compatible with the Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services Number 21 issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

New Profit and Loss Statement Fields. Two new data blocks capable of supporting up 5 entries each for Other Income and Other Expenses. These fields will be located beyond the bottom line of the Profit and Loss Statement as they are intended for reporting non-operating income and expenses. Also, 4 additional fields have been added to the Operting Expenses data block for a total of 30.

New Comparative Financial Statements Fields. In order to support the new Profit and Loss Statement fields, entries for other income and other expenses have been added.

New Program Folder. The program will now be located in a sub-folder under Program Files (x86) by the name of FSG600 instead of FSG. This change was prompted by the fact that the database file structure has changed from Version 5.XX.

New Transfer Database from Version 5.XX Utility. If you used FSG Version 5.00 through 5.75, you will be able to transfer your database records to the new Version 6.00 format.

Updated and Optimized Code. The entire program code has been reviewed, updated, and optimized for greater running efficiency.

Updated Sample Client Record. The Sample Client record has been updated to reflect current dates. Also, the Sample Accountant's Client letter has been updated to reflect the new SSARS 21 language format.

The following financial statements are supported:

Price: $79.00

To download an FSG demo click here

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